February 5, 2016


When sadness overcome
It was never never fun
Some might call me dumb
Pretty faces under the sun

How could you hurt me so deep?
I thought promises are there to keep.
Teach me how to laugh once more,
Borrow the cupid’s wing and soar.

Pretty faces under the sun,
Talia, she calls me dumb.
“Why couldn’t you have fun?
When sadness overcome…”

Poet:Anton Soeharyo
Location: International central Library, Waseda University, Japan.
Time:Monday 17th May 2004 (1:28 pm)


Recently I looked back at my files and found some piece of literature that I used to wrote..

This poem is a true story about my struggle in forgetting my first love, hope you like it!

BTW, Talia is my best friend we met in Skype (yes I used to talked to strangers due to the loneliness in Japan) 

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