February 12, 2016

The nostalgic Feeling

Hey.. Have you all ever wonder

that down beneath that looks

deep down bottom and under

you gulp down more than you took

It saddens me the way you see

things that are not meant to be

far streched, bucketful of pain

would repeat itself allover again

The Body is Strong, but the mind weak

catastrophic but nostalgic

a look at my stomach that makes me sick

all to blame the wrong lifestyle picked

No regrets, I am now here

looking at my highschool picture

all too happy with my peers

well they say, life’s an adventure


Note: Wrote this post, because I am bored,

I saw my old High School pictures

here: http://photo.antonsoeharyo.com/random/soccer/

and this:

and realized the changes..

These will motivate me on my diet!

thanks for looking!

happy wheels game

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