February 11, 2016

When Indonesian President gets Angry

Overheard in the presidential Palace:

Friend: What’s Up mate? why are you frowning?

SBY: hmmpphh Nothing mate, do you think I am boringg..??..

Friend: Mamma Mia?? why?? Is it because you don’t do corruption??

SBY: No.. worst than that! They Slept during my speech!!

SBY: Pangan.. Energi..dan Air, coba itu pak bangunkan yang tidur…(seraya menunjuk jari pada si tersangka)

SBY: Yah… Iyah… Kalau tidur di luar saja..Pemimpin gimana mau mimpin Rakyat kalau di ruangan ini Tidur! (sambil mengebrak meja) 

English Translation:

SBY: foods, Energy and Water, wait a minute can you please wake that man up?

SBY: yes.. yeeesss.. please stay outside if you want to sleep… how can a leader lead the citizen if you sleep in this room?? 


Wisdom here is: “Don’t Sleep when the Indonesian President is around


Wow… This is the coolest President in the Whole World!! Its time we have this kind of Ass-kicking President!!

Way to go Sir!! You got a voter ready for the next election here…

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